Why Am I Doing This Again-

This morning, I woke up feeling very blah.
It could be that the weather around here has finally started to turn into the part of fall I hate,
where I feel like i’m constantly wet and the sun will never shine again.
Being as it’s Monday, and I have a brief few hours to work before I
pick up my 2 year old from his learning center, I sat down to check my emails,
print off new jewelry orders, answer essential oil questions, etc, etc.

I am a pretty enthusiastic , upbeat, and motivated person, as you will probably notice over time,
but the last couple weeks I seem to have lost my mojo. I sat, unable to find any passion, and was feeling
pessimistic about pretty much everything. I applied my current favorite essential oil blend
and turned on the diffuser in my window, but still felt out of sorts.
As I tried to dredge up some enthusiasm,  I remembered the Monday morning
business calls one of my amazing oil teammates does each week. I dialed in and started listening to the
mornings recording quick as I could. It was as if it was meant for me.
The call was about how to do your business well.
I’m not talking about just the right things to say, how to’s, and strategies,
but how it’s important to remember that
in the middle of building something wonderful, 
you can’t forget what already is wonderful in your life.

While I may not be working to gain material possessions or status ,
I’ve been working too hard for my own goals of getting rid of debt and creating a residual income.
I’ve been so focused on pushing to the next level in both of my businesses, I’ve neglected the other parts of who I am.
As much as I love being an entrepreneur, making jewelry, and educating people about essential oils, those things are work.
I’d stopped getting together  with my friends, in order to be efficient with my time.
I’d stopped pursuing my hobbies, because they don’t move me forward in my business goals.
I’d stopped doing pretty much anything that isn’t business related, and I realized i’m starting to resent it all.

What I am working for, and the good I am doing in the lives of others, is good.
But it isn’t balanced for it to become my everything.
So tonight, I made a choice to sign off and enjoy the moment.
I sat on the floor and played cars with my little guy , while he giggled like a madman.
I looked at something frivolous and girly online that had nothing to do with networking.
I made a batch of delicious wild orange brownies, and sat down to eat them
after the kids were in bed with a glass of milk, just because I wanted to.
I loved every minute of it – and tomorrow, i’ll go back to conquering the world
with renewed joy instead of resentment.