This morning as I walked through the kitchen in my pajamas, I kept thinking to myself
” You are such a bad mom, you are such a bad mom…”
What would lead to such a harsh inner tirade, you might ask?

I had slept in, after a late night of watching Cinderella with my 10 year old, and I didn’t have a breakfast plan.
It was 8:15, and the kids were hungry, and I had nothing I could make quick enough to avoid total meltdown
in the 2 year old.  So I did a truly horrible, awful thing – I washed some bowls and spoons, and I fed them cereal. Again.
That’s right, for the 3rd day in a row, I fed them cereal. How could I do such a thing?
I know it’s not healthy, they deserve better don’t they?
(I had already committed the awful sin of setting them in front of a cartoon on Netflix.)

So went my inner tirade as I got everything set up on the table,
and then I stopped short and went  ” What the ?!”
I would never say such a thing to another mom.
So why in the world would it be ok to say to myself?
For heaven’s sake, this is BREAKFAST we’re talking about here.
I don’t hit them to hurt them. I don’t leave them alone for hours.
I don’t starve them to feed an addiction, or  cringe away when they try and give me a hug.

I love them madly,and hug and kiss them every day. I tell them i’m sorry when I’m wrong, which is often.
I try, dear God do I try, with prayers and tears and sleepless nights, to do right by them.
I stay up late, on nights like these, fine tuning my online store and planning out how
i’m going to grow my business because I want to experience great things with them.
So how can I tell myself I am a bad mom over cereal? How can you?
I’m learning to give myself grace, and I hope you are, too.