My name is Sarah – married for 18 years, mom of 4 kids , aspiring minimalist and  entrepreneur,
lover of books, coffee, essential oils, tiny houses, music,
Jesus, and Dr.Who, though not necessarily in that order.

In the last couple years i’d realized the stress our stuff and pace of life was having on my family and myself .
The pressure of not measuring up, not attaining enough, and managing (poorly) all my responsibilities had been exhausting.

So my family and I are choosing less. Less clothing in our closets, less toys in our kids rooms.
We are choosing quality time together without a looming to-do list. Experiences together over stuff to maintain.
Cultivating simplicity in what we need, vs what we may temporarily want.
We are choosing a life of Less, but better.

If you are looking for inspiration to live a different sort of life,
I hope you can find some here.

(* This idea was sparked from one of my favorite books.
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown)