Night before last, I did a bad, bad thing. 
I had a massive headache after a stressful day, and was in no shape to make dinner. I told my husband, “We’ll just chill and you can pick up a pizza to cook here.”

Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong.
Our family has issues with gluten and dairy. Not take-me-to-the-hospital type issues, but definitely not something you want to experience. Knowing this, we had gone very strictly no wheat and very, very limited types of dairy at the beginning of January. But I was thinking, I’m tired, I’m in pain, just ONE time won’t be a big deal.

How easily we forget the pain that brings us to where we are. Yesterday was round after round of bathroom excursions for my husband and my 2 boys, and my oldest daughter and I spent the evening and most of the night vomiting and cramping. Today, every part of my body aches, I’m exhausted, and our 6 year old stayed home from school because he was still feeling so crappy.

It occurred to me this morning, as I tentatively nibbled on some gluten free crackers, that this is more than just a food thing. This is a life thing. We forget; we forget the pain of our choices, and then when we make the same ones, wonder ” What was I thinking?!”. I am a big believer in writing important things down, in whatever form that takes for you . The things that hurt us, that shape us, that make us choose something different.
When we inevitably waver or doubt, we can be reminded of Why we chose our current circumstances, and stay on course.

For our family of 6, with a history of stomach issues, Aspergers, Sensory Processing issues and more, food matters.
It is not a moral issue, but a quality-of-life issue. (And after the last 24 hours, everyone has agreed, no more pizza for us! Unless it’s gluten free, with small amounts of cheese, and then only once in a while – just to be safe.)
Whether it’s the tasty, gluten filled french bread, that daily coffee that you know if killing your budget, the glass(es) of wine at the end of a long day expanding your waistline, or a relationship that you know is more harm than good, we all have unhealthy things we tend to sugarcoat to make not-so-bad.

As a family, we are going to be remembering this experience, and make some wiser choices in the future.
I’m guessing as you read this, you had something spring to mind. What will you do to remember? You’ll feel better, I promise – just like our family, with a couple days of recovery and a generous amount of essential oils. 😉

Remember, and Be Well!

P.S. This is the just part of the aftermath. We’ll clean it up – eventually.
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