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A Barrel Full of Monkeys

There are 6 people in our family. Mom, Dad, Bella (10), Leila (8), Liam (5), and LJ (2). We have lived in the same house for 14 years, twice the average  7 years of an American family. When we purchased our house, we had absolutely no idea what would make for a good family home. We were 20, and it was a 4 bedroom, 1,100 square foot house barely in our budget.               We didn’t know when we purchased our home how important a family room would be for the long, snowy winters here in...

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What’s wrong with this picture

This morning as I walked through the kitchen in my pajamas, I kept thinking to myself” You are such a bad mom, you are such a bad mom…” What would lead to such a harsh inner tirade, you might ask? I had slept in, after a late night of watching Cinderella with my 10 year old, and I didn’t have a breakfast plan. It was 8:15, and the kids were hungry, and I had nothing I could make quick enough to avoid total meltdown in the 2 year old.  So I did a truly horrible, awful thing – I washed...

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Come Along for the Ride!