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When We Forget Too Easily

Night before last, I did a bad, bad thing.  I had a massive headache after a stressful day, and was in no shape to make dinner. I told my husband, “We’ll just chill and you can pick up a pizza to cook here.” Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong. Our family has issues with gluten and dairy. Not take-me-to-the-hospital type issues, but definitely not something you want to experience. Knowing this, we had gone very strictly no wheat and very, very limited types of dairy at the beginning of January. But I was thinking, I’m tired, I’m in pain, just...

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To Those I Left Behind

I moved a lot as a kid. I remember in 2nd or 3rd grade alone it was 3 different schools. There is no grand reason why; no parent serving their country, or being transferred to provide for the family. My family life was a mess, and I got dragged along for the ride. Idaho, then California, then Idaho again, then California again, then Texas briefly, and then BACK to Idaho. Not to mention the school year with Mom (wherever she had currently decided to live), and flying for summers with my Dad in California. It was not fun. For...

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Why We Didn’t Go Tiny

My husband and I are obsessed with tiny houses – if you’ve met us chances are we’ve rambled on about them to you. We’ve spent countless hours dreaming of the simplicity it could offer us. We’ve researched hundreds of plans others have used,  and sketched out the exact plan we like using our favorite parts of each.  I’ve emailed our top 3 builders our rough sketches, so they could look at them for feasibility and give us an  idea of build time and cost. We fixed up all those little things we’d let slide on our home of 14 years, listed it, and...

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Why Am I Doing This Again ?

This morning, I woke up feeling very blah. It could be that the weather around here has finally started to turn into the part of fall I hate, where I feel like i’m constantly wet and the sun will never shine again. Being as it’s Monday, and I have a brief few hours to work before I pick up my 2 year old from his learning center, I sat down to check my emails, print off new jewelry orders, answer essential oil questions, etc, etc. I am a pretty enthusiastic , upbeat, and motivated person, as you will probably notice over...

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All Or Nothing

I’ve been married for almost 17 years, and those are my kids – Bella the drama queen (10 ), Leila the dreamer (8), Liam the boy’s boy (5), and LJ , aka The Destroyer (26 months). I love my kids, so much sometimes that it hurts – and at the same time, I have NO IDEA what to do with them. Kids are like that ; just when you think you have a good strategy to handle their unique needs, they change and grow, and you have to pray and hope you don’t do too much harm before you...

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