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I’ve been married for almost 17 years, and those are my kids –
Bella the drama queen (10 ), Leila the dreamer (8), Liam the boy’s boy (5), and LJ , aka The Destroyer (26 months).
I love my kids, so much sometimes that it hurts – and at the same time, I have NO IDEA what to do with them.
Kids are like that ; just when you think you have a good strategy to handle their unique needs, they change and grow,
and you have to pray and hope you don’t do too much harm before you figure out what works NOW.

My life is NOT what I had planned .
I assumed i’d start my family, stay home full time, home-school them, and would love it – it’d be hard,
but I was sure i’d be good at it, and would find great fulfillment. After struggling through a few years of homeschool
and feeling like a complete and utter failure, I had to make a change. I was miserable under the weight of what I
thought was expected of me, and my oldest still couldn’t read worth a darn.
With my husbands support, we made a scary choice – to put our sweet baby girl in school.
I cried that day, and tried not to panic thinking of every worst case scenario.

 I am an accidental entrepreneur – I have a GED , I have never attended college, and for most of the years of early adulthood I couldn’t stick with a job.

I have been passionate about natural health and whole foods for several years.
Pure essential oils are another way for people to utilize natural solutions for their health.
When I started out , I was skeptical – but once I had experienced the oils in our family
and seen how powerful they were,  pursuing it as a way to help our finances just made sense.
Which means lots of research, education, classes, and coffee dates to keep learning and
to share what I have experienced. It is so worth it to see people leading happier and healthier lives.

resized sterling square
( One of my many diffusing necklace styles)

One month after starting my oil journey , I launched Essential Oil Wear diffusing jewelry.
The jewelry company was born out of a need for my daughter
to alleviate anxious feelings at school, and it has grown far beyond what  I ever imagined.
I opened an Etsy shop, and within 4 months was swimming in orders.
I expanded into the retail market, my own website, and there is no end in sight.
I am not a technologically gifted person, and I have had to learn a lot of new things
in the world of online marketing and selling, but my jewelry business is
changing our financial future, and that makes it worth sticking with.


( My kitchen on any given day)

That being said…..
Stop by my house during the week, and you will most likely find a stack of shoes at the doorway, school papers on the stairs,
a floor begging to be mopped,  a sink full of dishes, or the Laundry Mountain in my living room.
My life is a precarious balancing act, where I pray daily to not miss an important moment with a little one
because I am too busy ________’ (enter pressing task here) .
I have to struggle to not let 2  booming business take over every waking moment,
to go to sleep at a somewhat decent time, to not take my husband for granted,
to sit down  with a friend for a cup of coffee or take off for adventures at the park –
these are the things that energize and encourage me,
and make life worth living!

My husband and I have discussed it, and for us, this temporary juggling act is worth it.
We are walking the long, hard road out of scarcity and living on government aid,
to being able to be generous and a blessing to others who are in need.
Now, there will be sacrifices – but there is finally a light at the end of our tunnel.
Do you need a little light at the end of your financial tunnel?
You can change your life , and the life of others.